Charlton Spotlight #5 (Fall 2006)

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Joe Gill and Steve Ditko

Charlton Spotlight #5 focuses on two undisputed Charlton giants: Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. We begin with the longest-ever tell-all interview conducted with the legendary Joe Gill, conducted by Jim Amash, with many rare and unpublished photos and much choice artwork, all behind a new cover painting by Charlton’s own Nicola Cuti. Plus features on Ditko: Steve Skeates examines the untold story behind his Ditko collaboration on the Dr. Strange-like story “The Ultimate Evil” (Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #12); Ron Frantz remembers working with both Gill and Ditko on Ron’s ACE Comics line in the mid-1980s; Mark Burbey explores the origins of Captain Atom; and Gene Phillips examines the evolution of the Blue Beetle. We also have a never-before-reprinted 1950s vintage Charlton SF story by Gill and Ditko. But wait, there’s more: Steve Skeates checks in a second time with a memoir of his early work with Jim Aparo at Charlton and DC; Ramon Schenk details the innovative “text-story experiments” of the 1970s Charlton humor comics; Howard L. Davis visits the Charlton offices in 1974; and Nick Cuti has a new page of his “Weirdlings” cartoons. All with loads of gorgeous Charlton art, covers, and more esoteric info than you ever thought you needed! Plus part 4 of Dan Stevenson’s complete Charlton Comics year-by-year checklist, 1963-66. The back cover reproduces Ditko’s creepily sinister cover from Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #4. • 80 pages, full-color covers and B&W interiors.

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