Charlton Spotlight #6 (Fall 2008)

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All Art and Comics

Charlton Spotlight #6 is a special all art and comics issue of epic and downright historic proportions featuring vintage, never-before-published, full-length E-Man and Michael Mauser stories by Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton, fronted by a new Staton painted cover. We also offer a gallery of unpublished, obscure, and rare Charlton art and artifacts, editors and oddities, photos and fantasies. Featured creators and creations include Steve Ditko, Tom Sutton, Dick Giordano, Don Newton, Bill Fraccio, Tony Tallarico, George Wildman, Sal Gentile, Joe Gill, Pat Masulli, John Santangelo Jr., Walter Gibson, Jim Janes, Tom Christopher; Space Western, Doomsday+1, Sarge Steel, Dr. Graves, Thane of Bagarth, Son of Vulcan, Mastermind, and much more. There’s also a new selection of Nick Cuti’s popular “Weird Kids” cartoons, and we round out the issue with news, reviews, letters, and part 5 of Dan Stevenson’s complete Charlton Comics year-by-year checklist, 1967-71. The back cover is an unpublished Charlton horror painting in full color by Pat Boyette. • 68 pages, full-color covers and B&W interiors.

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