Charlton Spotlight #9 (Winter-Spring 2015-2016)

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Will Franz Interview, New Comics Stories, and Space Western!

Charlton Spotlight #9 features a full-length interview with legendary Charlton war comics writer Will Franz, creator of fan favorites The Lonely War of Captain Willy Schultz and The Iron Corporal. Franz speaks candidly about his short but seminal career as a late ’60s Charlton writer with memories of artist Sam Glanzman, writer Joe Gill, and various Charlton editors—all liberally illustrated with rare and unpublished photos and art. We also offer 18 pages of original comics features, including the first new Snuffy Smith comic book story in over 40 years! Written and drawn by current creator John Rose, “Hopalong Jughaid” brings this classic comic strip back to the comics page. Plus a new Atomic Rabbit story by legendary Charlton editor-artist George Wildman with Donnie Pitchford: “Lip Stickup” co-stars Pudgy Pig and Brother George. Ron Frantz’s “Charlton Memories” column reveals the secret origins of Charlton’s wildest 1950s mash-up, Space Western Comics. In Ron’s memoir of pulp historian Bob Sampson, we learn that “Spurs Jackson and His Space Vigilantes” and Space Western Comics were actually the brainchild of The Shadow creator Walter B. Gibson! Rounding out the issue are a gallery of Charlton convention program art and a detailed checklist of the rarest Charlton comic books. • 60 pages, full color throughout.

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