Charlton Spotlight Comics #1 (2014)

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New comics stories by George Wildman, Donnie Pitchford, Bill Pearson and Z. Capistance

New from Argo Press, it’s brand-new kid-friendly comics stories by Charlton Comics veterans and fellow travelers in Charlton Spotlight Comics #1!

George Wildman’s first comic book art in nearly two decades! The legendary Charlton artist and editor returns to his roots with two new tales featuring characters he drew for Charlton in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s: Timmy the Timid Ghost stars in “Timmy’s Scream Test” and “Big-Top Boo!”—the latter also featuring none other than Atomic Rabbit! Both stories are written, lettered and colored by Donnie Pitchford, award-winning educator-broadcaster and writer-cartoonist of the syndicated weekly Lum & Abner comic strip. “I wrote a fan letter to George when I was a 12-year-old kid, wanting to be a cartoonist,” says Pitchford. “How exciting and downright fun it is to collaborate on two stories with him more than 40 years later!” 

Charlton Spotlight Comics also features a lost, unpublished Charlton story by Bill Pearson and Z. Capistance (Denis Janke)! The charming “Chamelion” was written and lettered in 1982 by then-Charlton Comics assistant editor Pearson for artist Capistance. Intended for an issue of Charlton Bullseye, the book was canceled before the art was finished. Twenty-two years later, Capistance sent Pearson the finished art. Ten years later, Pearson hand-colored the pages for publication in Charlton Spotlight Comics. Better late than never! 

You must not miss this special full-color, 100% kid-friendly comic book. Not sold in comics shops—available only from Argo Press. • 24 pages, full color throughout.

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